Keten is a dynamic workwear brand founded by two skilled civil construction foremen in Ottawa, Canada. Frustrated with the limited high visibility workwear options available on the market, they set out to revolutionize the industry. With passion and perseverance, they navigated the textiles industry and developed unique designs that they tirelessly field-tested and modified to ensure functionality, comfort, and style.

 Their dedication paid off as they received positive feedback from friends and colleagues and growing demand for their products. Today, Keten is a rapidly growing brand committed to improving its offerings. Their products are designed with a complete understanding of the daily challenges faced by blue-collar workers, from safety to comfort to durability. Keten's workwear is not just a product, but a statement of dedication and pride in the job at hand.

As construction foremen, Keten's founders have an intimate understanding of the demands and challenges of the construction industry. They know firsthand the importance of functional and durable workwear that can withstand the rigors of the job site.

Their experience has also given them insight into the limitations of traditional workwear, which often prioritizes functionality over style. Keten believes that workers deserve workwear that not only meets their practical needs but also looks and feels great.

That's why Keten is passionate about working with technical fabrics to create dynamic and stylish workwear. They believe that workwear should be more than just a uniform; it should be a statement of professionalism and pride.

Keten is constantly striving to expand the simplistic workwear category by incorporating the latest technical fabrics and innovative designs. They believe that workers should have access to workwear that is as dynamic and forward-thinking as the industry itself.

Keten takes great pride in creating high-quality, comfortable, and stylish workwear that meets and exceeds the expectations of workers. Their commitment to innovation and excellence is at the core of everything they do, and they look forward to continuing to serve the hardworking people of the construction industry.


Building Trust and Collaboration in Construction

Keten is a company name derived from the Dutch word "keten," which translates to "chain" in English. Our name represents our commitment to forging strong links throughout the construction industry. We understand that every successful project requires the cooperation and collaboration of all parties involved, from clients and suppliers to contractors and builders. At Keten, we strive to establish strong chains of communication and trust, enabling us to deliver the best possible results for our clients. By working together, we can create a brighter future for the construction industry, one strong link at a time.